Trying Watermixable Oils

The first time I tried water-mixable oils, I chose Holbein’s Duo Aqua Oils just because I purchased a set instead of choosing colors individually since it was a test.


I was surprised that when these oils were mixed with just a small amount of water, they get really fluid, like watercolors. So it is great to do washes and under-painting and later use less water.


They also dried much faster than regular oils, even when mixed with their water-mixable mediums. They also work better when mixed with medium. I used Winsor&Newton’s Artisan Water Mixable Linseed Oil since I couldn’t fine one from Holbein at the time of purchase and I didn’t wanted to wait. I wanted to start painting right away.


Below is the oil painting I did with these watermixable oils. It is not finished yet, but close to it:

Without medium, I found that you end up using too much paint to accomplish the same effect you would with less paint when mixed with it. The feeling is the same as with regular oil paint but with the added bonus that there is no mess cleaning up your brushes and work area. It’s a real blessing.


Great for people with respiratory problems since there is no need for turpentine.