Using a Computer Graphics Tablet with Corel Painter

One of the most essential tools to use when working with Corel Painter is something that every digital artist should have. And this is the computer graphics tablet. The tablet is used as a computer input device so that hand drawn images can appear on the computer. This is useful for Corel Painter and other graphics applications, but there are a few things to consider about a tablet.


The type of tablet should be considered when looking for something to use with Corel Painter. There are both passive and active kinds of tablets. A passive tablet is one in which horizontal and vertical wires in the tablet work to transmit and receive the data the stylus pen

transmits to it.  LC circuits in the pen are used to help with getting the data to be read. This means that the pen will have to be charged so that the tablet will be able to read it.


Active tablets work differently than passive ones. The stylus pen that is used here works to generate and transmit energy signals on its own to the tablet. The pen has an internal battery in this case and will be able to transmit its own power without having to rely on the tablet for its power source. In fact, with this, the tablet will not have to keep switching between transmit and receive modes, so it will be easier to get the tablet to work.

Another of the things to use for a computer graphics tablet for Corel Painter is to use the right accessories with the tool. For example, some stylus pens have erasers that can be used when turning the pen upside down and using it on the tablet. An airbrush can also be used in the tablet. This is a stylus that is used to simulate airbrush effects. Some unique effects can be used on the pen, including controls on the paint flow and the shape of the nozzle that the paint will come from.


One of the most unique parts of the tablet to use is a graphics tablet screen. Corel Painter and various other tools for digital painting can use these unique tools. This tablet is a sort of screen that will put an LCD screen over the computer screen. This makes it so that the artist can easily draw on the display surface. This can make the process of drawing incredibly easy. A good example of such a graphic table screen is the Wacom Cintiq Pen Display.


A computer graphics tablet is one of the most important tools for using Corel Painter and other programs like Photoshop for digital painting. The tablet will be needed so that it can be easy to get the right strokes into the computer.


To learn more about the different input devices to use wiht Corel Painter, Photoshop, Artrage, and any other graphics application, view this demonstration.